Easy as One Two Three
Press to Make the Kindling Fly.
QL Six Sign Team

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How do I use Shavlog
Working with Shavlog is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We open the safety, set on a step, and press to make the kindling fly. It is also very fast because you don’t have to lean constantly to collect the cut pieces and put them back on the block. We added an oak handle to the iron blade, which is very useful at work and gives the Shavlog a unique appearance. We coated the handle with different kinds of natural lacquer to make it perfect.
Cutting wood is directly connected with axes and chopping blocks. And so it was until a product called Shavlog came to light only to make your life easier.
Once you start using Shavlog, axes and other tools for splitting woods won't be dispensable in your home.
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Where Can I Use Shavlog
  You can use it anytime you want – whether you want to burn through the supply of wood or perhaps start a fire and make a delicious meal for your family and friends.
Using Shavlog is not limited by seasons.
Moreover, it is indispensable in winter because you can use wood, which you split with Shavlog, to start a fire and get warm.